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Angry Birds Crashed Onto Windows Phone 7 [App]

Angry Birds, the most popular game ever on the iOS (iphone, iPad) platform has now landed on the Windows Phone 7 platform. Rovio mobile, the creators of the Angry Birds game, released the game for $2.99 (USD) on the Windows 7 app marketplace. As [...]
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How To Change / Update Your Tumblr Profile Portrait Photo

[Note: This works in new tumblr 2011 June onwards!] When you sign up for a tumblr tumblog at, your blog profile will display an anonymous head in your dashboard and in other tumblogs where you reblog or like other posts. Obviously [...]

Airplanes Of The Future In The Year 2050 – AirBus (VIDEO)

Airbus , the leading aircraft manufacturer and creator of the most modern and innovative aircraft in the world, unveiled its vision of the future ahead of next week’s Paris Air show. Here is a video of what the future aircraft will look like [...]

PHOTOS – Leaked Facebook Photo Sharing App Screenshots

We found some more photos of the leaked facebook photo sharing app on the internets! Here they are, with a heading on what could be the intended functionality. #1 – Tag Your Friends In Photo, Post In Status Update – Facebook Photo [...]
facebook photo sharing app leaked screenshot preview pics

LEAKED! Facebook Secretly Developing Instagram-like Photo Sharing App

Social Networking site Facebook is reportedly working on a mobile photo sharing app that – from the leaked photos we have seen so far – looks striking similar to Instagram, the most popular mobile photosharing app that crossed 500 [...]

Wall Street’s Newest Tech Darling Pandora Debuts At $20 Per Share

Pandora‘s lack of profitability didn’t deter investors from tuning in to the Internet radio stock, boosting its price as much as 50 percent in its Wall Street debut Wednesday at 20$ per share. This in turn pushed Pandora’s [...]
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LOL Money. We Rock N3RD Life (VIDEO)

Jace Hall, the rapper & gamer behind I Play WoW has put out a cool video that puts the blink on n3rds. It’s titled LOL Money and is quite entertaining. If you are getting picked on because because you’re a video game geek, then [...]
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Confirmed! Apple Selling UNLOCKED iPhone 4 Phones in US.

Rumors of Unlocked iPhones (i.e. iphones you can use with any cellphone carrier, without contracts) that surfaced on the internet over the weekend have turned out to be true. Apple Inc is now selling UNLOCKED iPhone 4 units (GSM model only) [...]
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"Skype" With Grandma On Your HD Television

Pretty soon, your Grandma across the globe might be able to see and talk to you in big screen HD! Comcast announced Monday that it has brokered a deal with Skype that will allow Comcast subscribers to make high-definition quality video calls [...]

Apple Sued by iCloud Communications Over iCloud

iCloud, the revolutionary free cloud computing and storage service unveiled by Apple less than a week ago at WWDC 2011 is the subject of a new lawsuit. Phoenix-based iCloud Communications, a company that provides voice-over-IP and other cloud [...]
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Arab World Dictators Attacked By Angry Birds (VIDEO)

France 24, an international french news channel, has gone live with a TV ad that pays tribute to it’s own coverage of the #ARABSPRING revolution on twitter. According the France 24, it’s twitter followers has grown 5-fold since it [...]

Sarah Palin Email Archives – Where To Find Them Online For Your Next Comic Skit

Today, the State of Alaska released over 24 thousand pages of email correspondence (24,199 pages to be precise) from former did-not-finish-my-term-and-ran-away Gov. Sarah Palin’s time in office. The partially redacted printouts, which were [...]

Pandora Ups Its IPO Price To Reach A Projected Market Cap Of Nearly $2 BILLION.

Pandora, the personalized internet radio service that helps you find new music based on your old and current favorites is upping it’s Initial Public Offering (IPO) price as well as the number of common stocks offered.  The company filed [...]
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Overhyped and Unlaunched "Startup" Now Offering Free Beer and 10,000 For Job Referrals

The over-hyped unlaunched startup that hasn’t revealed what it even does is looking to hire top tech talent. So desperate is GetHipster – they don’t even own (see below) so I don’t understand why they keep [...]
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"Apple is growing like Weed." CEO Steve Jobs (VIDEO)

At a City Council meeting in Cupertino, California on Tuesday, Commander-In-Chief at Apple Inc, CEO Steve Jobs revealed plans for a new HQ for the company that “looks a little like a spaceship“. Appearing in his trademark black turtleneck [...]
apple ceo steve jobs wwdc 2011 keynote address video official moscone west san francisco pics videos

VIDEO: Apple CEO Steve Jobs Delivering the WWDC 2011 Keynote Address

Here is the full 117 minutes of video of Apple CEO Steve jobs delivering the WWDC 2011 Keynote address here in San Francisco at the Moscone Center. This is the OFFICIAL video of the event from Apple Inc!
steve jobs gets ready for wwdc keynote speech

Steve Jobs Preparing For His WWDC Keynote Speech Delivery (PIC)

Wondering how Apple CEO Steve Jobs is preparing to deliver his WWDC 2011 Conference Keynote Speech? Well, if you ask cartoonist Mark Anderson this is how he sees Steve Jobs doing it.
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