Video Sharing App Viddy Hits 500,000 Downloads, Gets Some Celebrity Love.

If a picture is worth a 1000 words, then a video is worth atleast 500,000 downloads.

Remember Viddy? the video sharing app that @Scobleizer thought was a “cool app” when he tweeted

#viddy is adding 15,000 new users PER DAY with NO PRESS and NO MARKETING. Cool app, thats why

The BIG NEWS this week is that Viddy has broken past the 500,000 downloads milestone. To be precise, 540,000 downloads as of this morning. All this is just a little over 6 weeks from launchAnd to put this in perspective, it took FourSquare over 50 weeks to get to 500,000 users while Instagram (the photo-sharing app that everyone INCORRECTLY keeps comparing viddy to), added the same number of users in about 5 weeks. While download count is not the same as user count, the numbers are usually pretty close.

What Is Viddy, Anyway?

Viddy is an iphone, iPad app that lets you shoot short videos, apply video effects (fx), add audio tracks and then share them in the Viddy app and across other social sites like Youtube, Twitter and Facebook.

Viddy is fast becoming the new way to publish your status updates, with viddyographers (yes, that’s what the viddy users are fondly referred to as) sharing their lives, feelings and status through short, stylized video clips as opposed to tweeting and texting.I mean let’s face it, there is only so much you can say in 140 characters of text.

Why Does Shiva Love Viddy So Much?

I love this app for 5 reasons.

Viddy is

  • fun
  • fast
  • free
  • simple and
  • “it just works!”

On tuesday, I got the free app from iTunes and signed up. 5 minutes later, I had already published my 1st viddyo – of Scaredy Cat, #2 of my 3 BFF Cats at home.

scaredy cat viddy theshiva cute cat videos funny cat

My 1st Viddyo, of my BFF Scared Cat

Two days later, I shot and posted another viddyo of my 3rd BFF cat, and for this one, I was able to add a “Psychedelic” style lighting and music from one of Viddy’s many built-in video fx and audio tracks.

psychedelic cat video funny cute viddy videos

The Celebrity Effect

Normal users like me aren’t the only ones lovin’ Viddy. Hollywood celebrities and rappers are also getting addicted to this App with Paris Hilton and Lauren Conrad (The Hills) tweeting about how much they loved it and rapper Snoop Dogg making an appearance in a “viddy”o shot in his studio.

paris hilton twitter page viddy videos sharing app screenshot tweet photo pic

Even Charlie Sheen digs this app and tweeted #Viddy is #Winning.

Where to get the Viddy App?

The Viddy App is fun, fast and free and can be downloaded from the App Store (Apple iTunes) at

What Next?

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