FIRST LOOK – The Latest Hitachi G-Technology Hard Drives at GDGT [VIDEO]

At GDGT SF last Friday, we RAIDed the Hitachi booth to get the inside scoop on the latest Hard-drives from Hitachi. Here is a video of that RAID.

Hitachi G-Technology Hard-Drives – Video Highlights

  • The G-Technology hard drives are built for Performance, Style and Reliability.
  • The drives are great for media / video post production work on the Mac and are time machine ready.
  • The aluminium casing on all hard-drives help keep the drives stay cool and last longer.
  • There is literally a built-in heat sink attached to the drive that will prevent over-heating.
  • The G-Drive Duro is very durable and can withstand 1.2 m accidental drops on site, so it is great for field work.

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