"We’ve all become Gadget Nerds!" Peter Rojas of GDGT [VIDEO]

Peter Rojas is the co-founder of gdgt – the best place on the web to ask questions and get real answers about consumer electronic gadgets. Rojas’ past includes being the founding editor of several wildly successful technology sites including Gizmodo, Engadget and Joystiq. Rojas  sold Engadget to AOL in 2005 and soon after that, started his 4th venture: gdgt (pronounced, “gadget“) with his co-founder Ryan Block.

Rojas spoke to us at length at the 3rd GDGT event here in San Francisco last Friday and we captured it all on video just for you!

Peter Rojas on GDGT – Video Highlights

Rojas and Block launched gdgt.com in July 2009 and held a launch party the following month, in August 2009 in New York City and San Francisco. The 1st event went so well that Rojas and his co-founder Ryan Block decided that they should keep doing it.

Since 2009, GDGT events have taken place all across the United States, in New York City, San Francisco, Boston, Chicago, Seattle and Austin.

According to Rojas, if you work in tech or for the press, you can get your hands on the latest coolest gadgets, but if you are a normal consumer, you don’t. So GDGT is all about democratizing technology and empowering the Users

Rojas wants to let the users become the experts and participate in interacting with the companies and their gadgets directly.

How Are GDGT Companies Selected?

Participating companies are Sponsors of the GDGT event and Rojas says that in order to sponsor and participate, a company must be interesting to the GDGT audience and also have something cool to show off.

On The Future Of gdgt.com

Rojas tells us that he wants gdgt.com to be the best place on the web to ask a question about a gadget. As a commitment to that goal, Rojas also tweeted today about how GDGT 2.0 will have a clear focus on Q & A (Questions and Answers)

How Many Gadgets Does Peter Rojas Have?

Rojas says that he has about 120 gadgets on his want-have-had-list on GDGT and that his two favorite gadgets at the moment are the iPad 2 and the Motorola Atrix 4G Phone.

Finally, Rojas says how we have all become “Gadget Nerds“, that Gadgets are our Pop Culture and how Steve Jobs is a bigger rock star than any rock star on the planet!

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