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Will Steve Jobs Be At Apple’s WWDC 2011 In San Francisco?

With Apple’s biggest worldwide developer conference (WWDC)set to take place this June, the internet has been abuzz with rumors of whether or not CEO Steve Jobs will be present and be doing the keynote address and unveiling of the latest [...]
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Video Sharing App Viddy Hits 500,000 Downloads, Gets Some Celebrity Love.

If a picture is worth a 1000 words, then a video is worth atleast 500,000 downloads. Remember Viddy? the video sharing app that @Scobleizer thought was a “cool app” when he tweeted #viddy is adding 15,000 new users PER DAY with NO [...]
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Wharton Business School in San Francisco Reaches A Perfect 10.

Celebrating it’s 10th year anniversary this May, Wharton Business School’s San Francisco branch looks back on the last 10 years with stories from various entrepreneurs who have achieved considerable success with their startups in [...]

@dotBen: "…you have to clap like a f**king seal every 2 minutes"

Today’s Tweet Of The Day is from Ben Metcalfe @dotBen

The 2nd Annual MeeGo Conference Is ON Next Week!

MeeGo is a Linux-based open source operating system for small form factor devices – think tablets, handheld devices, in-vehicle infotainment systems, smart TVs and netbooks. Established in February 2010 as a Linux Foundation project, the [...]

@jayadelson "…our Mars support at @SimpleGeo is incomplete…"

Today’s Tweet Of The Day is from Jay Adelson @jayadelson

What Is The Meego Conference HashTag?

This 2nd Meego Conference is FREE to attend and will be held at the downtown Hyatt in San Francisco, CA, on May 23-25th, 2011. If you are attending and want to tweet about the event, the Meego Conference Hashtag is

Catalog Spree – The iPad App That Your Man Doesn’t Want You Downloading!

Catalog Spree is the first cross-brand shopping app that fully integrates the retail catalog shopping experience with mobile shopping, social network sharing, product reviews and mobile commerce into the familiar swipe interface of the iPad [...]

FIRST LOOK – The Latest Hitachi G-Technology Hard Drives at GDGT [VIDEO]

At GDGT SF last Friday, we RAIDed the Hitachi booth to get the inside scoop on the latest Hard-drives from Hitachi. Here is a video of that RAID.

"We’ve all become Gadget Nerds!" Peter Rojas of GDGT [VIDEO]

Peter Rojas is the co-founder of gdgt – the best place on the web to ask questions and get real answers about consumer electronic gadgets. Rojas’ past includes being the founding editor of several wildly successful technology sites [...]

Introducing Google Chromebook. Or As Ozzie Said "We Are Now In A Post-PC ERA!" [VIDEO]

At Google IO 2011 today, Google unveiled the Chromebook, the device that is going to put the last few nails on the PC Coffin. Back in october 2010, Microsoft’s Ray Ozzie had declared that we were now in a ‘Post PC’ era. And [...]

Google IO 2011 – Where To Watch Live! Livestream Telecast Schedule.

If you weren’t one of the few lucky ones who snagged Google IO 2011 tickets within the hour in which it sold out earlier this year, then don’t be depressed. Google is going to stream most of the event, including the Day 1 and Day [...]
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The Killing Of Osama Bin Laden – As Seen On Twitter.

Today is a historic moment for our President – Barack Hussein Obama. He has accomplished something that no other President has before him has – CAPTURE OR KILL OSAMA BIN LADEN! Osama Bin Laden has been confirmed dead now, and while [...]
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You Can Now Access Your Files On Wuala Right From Your Android Device!

Wuala, a service that securely stores your files in the Cloud, just release their Android App. With the android app, you can now access your photos, videos and files stored on Wuala using your Android device (phone, tablet etc). Like Dropbox [...]