Disruptions In the Mobile Game Industry – As Told By Trip Hawkins At AppNation SF 2011

Trip Hawkins, the legendary founder of video game publishing giant Electronic Arts and current CEO of Digital Chocolate delivered the keynote address at AppNation SF 2011. Hawkins went over the trends in the mobile gaming industry and then went on to make a strong case for why the browser will continue to win over mobile apps.

Here are some specific disruptions that are currently underway in the gaming industry.

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Trip Hawkins Delivering the Day #1 KeyNote Speech At AppNation SF 2011

Game Industry Disruptions – Highlights from AppNation 2011

  • The F2P (Free-to-play) movement, when matched with good quality products and (paid) virtual good gives to a much better business model than charging for games upfront.
  • Cross platform interoperability is the next big change in the game industry. If you increase your game interopratability, then you can penetrate all geographical locations around the world using specific gaming platforms. And when you become interoprable like that, you can grown over 100 times very very soon.
  • The game industry consumers are like migrating Whales – If you get 2000 people who play for free, maybe only 50 or 60 will actually buy it and maybe 1 or 2 will actually generate revenue for you.
  • With game usage and player behavior analytics getting increasingly granular and more and more sophisticated, you can now take the analytics to trial and retention. For example if a certain player needs to get to the next level in the game in order to stay and play more, how do we enable him to do from within the game?
  • The BIG guys have to get used to not being able to control mobile games distribution as well as traffic.
  • Global Game development now requires coming up with and adhering to best practices. You need to develop best practices for developing, testing, marketing and distributing your games, especially if you are developing in different locations around the world. As lazy americans, we say “everybody has to speak english” and when we do that it dramatically improves the quality of communication among the team.

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