Are Apps Stores Killing The Browser? "No!" Says Trip Hawkins In His AppNation 2011 KeyNote

Trip Hawkins, the legendary founder of video game publishing giant Electronic Arts and current CEO of Digital Chocolate delivered the keynote address at AppNation SF 2011. After  he spoke about 10 specific mobile gaming industry trends that he’s observed recently, Hawkins  went on to make a strong case for why the browser will continue to win over app store.

Here are specific reasons why the web browser will continue to dominate the  mobile app stores, as told by Hawkins.

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Trip Hawkins Delivering the Day #1 KeyNote Speech At AppNation SF 2011

Why the browser beats the App Store

  • Browsers are already #1 for mobile app discovery. A majority of users find apps using browsers, not the app stores.The tablet is next on browser domination and going to prove to be the ultimate browser experience.
  • Mobile and TV browsers are next in line. They are getting a lot less clunky. Until now, Cable companies got away with give a free box and charging you a monthly fee, whereas the browser does not cost anything and also doesn’t require so much computing as the cable box.
  • Netflix is the 1st company to disrupt the mobile TV area.
  • The social giants – Facebook, Google and Amazon are all fundamentally browser based companies, their success remains in keeping the browser relevant and important.
  • WiFi is still proliferating, making browsing as fast as tapping through an app store.
  • The Browser is inherently social in that “it doesn’t matter what device your friend has!”
  • Cross promotion in very easy in the browser ecosystem.
  • The Browser is permanently free, permanently open and permanently democratic! While a lot of developers have been tricked by closed platforms, with the Browser, you know that if you are on the WWW, it will be democratic forever!

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