Microsoft Targets Motion-Sensor App Developers With Updates To The Kinect SDK

At the MIX11 Conference today Microsoft unveiled a toolkit (SDK) for Kinect, that will allow developers to build motion-sensor applications that run on Windows and Kinect, and then gave everyone at the conference a free Kinect motion sensor.

“Kinect is exciting,” Jeff Sandquist (Microsoft Developer Relations) said, at Wednesday’s MIX keynote address. “It is the fastest-selling electronics device EVER, with over 10 million devices sold already. There are a whole host of innovators, hackers, enthusiasts, that were doing things with Kinect on Windows that none of us could ever have imagined. And that is why we will be releasing the Kinect for Windows SDK.”

The motion-sensing tools in the SDK will give developers access to the phone’s gyroscope , its camera and it’s compass, all of which could be used to build augmented reality apps that could do really cool apps. While Microsoft said that the Kinect SDK (software development kit) is slated to ship “later this spring”, they did WOW the crowd with a series of demos, including

  • A World Wide Telescope, in which the user pans around the galaxy using hand gestures,
  • a Kinect-controlled lounge chair, and
  • a “Wall Panic” game in which two of the players try to contort themselves to match the increasingly complex openings in a virtual wall that is fast barreling towards them.

MIX11 In Las Vegas - Today's Live Demos

Microsoft has also started working on basic motion-sensing technology for Windows Phone 7 , the company said Wednesday as it announced an array of new tools for mobile app developers. Nokia’s Marco Argenti, head of developer experience also spoke during Wednesday’s MIX11 keynote speech about the company’s partnership with Microsoft to make Windows Phone 7 the primary Nokia smartphone operating system.

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