AppCode – IDE For Developing, Debugging And Deploying iOS Apps Is Out!

Jetbrains, creators of nearly a dozen professional software productivity tools including ReSharper (for .NET Developers), RubyMine (Cutting-Edge Ruby on Rails IDE) released a pre-alpha version of it’s Objective-C Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for a better, faster, easier, iOS development experience.

AppCode was released under a program titled “Early Access Program” (EAP) earlier this week on Tuesday.

According to JetBrains, the EAP program is pre-alpha release. Jetbrains is looking at the developer community to download and use it and provide valuable feedback on the software, that will then help them come up with a beta and eventually a production release that you will use daily with confidence, with the features that you desire!

AppCode IDE installs on the Mac OS X and allows developers to write, test and debug iOS projects targeted toward the iPhone and iPad app development.

AppCode Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for iOS App Development

AppCode IDE – Key Features

  • ‘New Xcode Project’ wizard
  • Project compilation window
  • Debugger (evaluation, variables, breakpoints, completion)
  • Debugger data renderer (Array)
  • Code inspections and quick fixes
  • Smart editor with code completion (auto-complete)
  • Opening and creating Xcode projects (including Xcode 4)
  • Integration with the standard Interface Builder
  • Running applications in iOS Simulator
  • Debugger with breakpoints, variables, watches and evaluate expression
  • Refactorings, e.g. ‘Change Signature’ and ‘Extract Method’
  • On the fly code analysis and quick-fix suggestions
  • Hi-class version control systems integration (Subversion, Git, Perforce and CVS)

If you are an iOS App Developer, you should definitely check this out!

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