iPad 2 Shortage Has Spread To The Afterlife For Tomb Sweeping Day Ritualists

APPLE’S iPad 2 shortage has spread to the afterlife as Chinese families in Malaysia are rushing to buy paper replicas of the popular new gadget from apple, to burn for their dead as part of a centuries-old prayer ritual called the Qingming Festival.

According to a report on the EastDay daily based in China, Chinese communities in Asia pay homage and honor their dead ancestors by burning fake money or replicas of expensive luxury items – think fancy cars, watches, jewels, designer handbags during the Qingming Festival. Also known as the tomb sweeping day the Chinese ritual-ists have now started buring fake iPads in this year’s ceremony.

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The report also quotes a prayer item shopkeeper Jeffrey Te as saying “Some of my customers have dreams where their departed relatives will ask for luxury items , including the iPad 2.”. Pointing to shelves also stocked with paper iPhones and Samsung Galaxy Tabs, Te lamented that he was able to only offer his customers the first iPad model.

At Te’s store in Malaysia, an 888GB iPad 2 will make you poorer by $1, which is a pretty darn good deal if you ask me. Te shipped in 300 iPad 2 replica sets from China for the festival in Malaysia. These iPad 2 replicas quickly flew off his shelves leaving him struggling to meet demand!

Ironically, this shortage situation is something that the real iPad 2 company – Apple IncĀ  – is also facing.

[photo: via theresilientearth.com ]

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