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Disruptions In the Mobile Game Industry – As Told By Trip Hawkins At AppNation SF 2011

Trip Hawkins, the legendary founder of video game publishing giant Electronic Arts and current CEO of Digital Chocolate delivered the keynote address at AppNation SF 2011. Hawkins went over the trends in the mobile gaming industry and then went [...]

@mashagenzel: "trying to determine the cipher in which my professor left my birthday greeting "

Today’s Tweet Of The Day is from Mariya Genzel @mashagenzel
tripp hawkins appnation blog photos pics

Are Apps Stores Killing The Browser? "No!" Says Trip Hawkins In His AppNation 2011 KeyNote

Trip Hawkins, the legendary founder of video game publishing giant Electronic Arts and current CEO of Digital Chocolate delivered the keynote address at AppNation SF 2011. After  he spoke about 10 specific mobile gaming industry trends that [...]

THE STATE OF APPS: Fresh Insights from Nielsen’s Mobile Apps Playbook

Jonathan Carson, CEO, Telecom Practice at The Nielsen Company took stage few minutes ago at AppNation SF 2011 and shared a lot of useful research data from Nielsen’s mobile apps playbook.¬† oObly is here reporting live from AppNation 2011 [...]
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Google’s Head of Mobile, Americas To Take Stage On Day 2 Opening Keynote At AppNation 2011

This just in! The organizer of AppNation SF 2011 have just now announced that Jason Spero, Head of Mobile, Americas at Google Inc will be on stage for the Day 2 Opening Keynote. The keynote starts at 9:00am on Thursday April 28. In a fireside [...]
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"Dog Wars" Android Game Draws Criticism from A Convicted Dog Killer, The Humane Society And LAPD Cops

With a “coming soon” landing page that says “Raise Your Dog To Beat The Best” and an image of bloodier fighter dog to go with it, Kage Games recent released Dog Wars – a Dog Fighting Android App that is drawing [...]

@msuster : "They’re like conference cockroaches. They can’t be killed"

Today’s Tweet Of The Day is from Mark Suster @msuster

iPhone Multitasking, Spotlight Search Features LEAKED! [VIDEO]

Vietnamese site, the same site that has been the source of legitimate leaks in the recent past, published never before seen videos of apple’s iPhone (4?) showcasing multi-tasking capabilities as well as a hidden spotlight search [...]

Amazon Promotes Android Platform With $25 In AppStore Credits

A new promotion from Amazon went live today on it’s wireless store that gives customers $25 in credits to apply towards mobile app purchases on it’s brand new Amazon Appstore for android. Note that this Appstore for android is different [...]

@rashmi : "Android just spellchecked my name to Kashmir"

Today’s Tweet Of The Day is from Rashmi Sinha @rashmi
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Get 5 WordPress Themes For The Price Of 1 At The WooThemes Easter Sale 2011

Only this weekend, starting today, and ending on Monday, April 25th, 2011, WooThemes, creators of awesome premium (paid) WordPress Themes, is having a special Easter Weekend Sale! You get 5 Themes for the price of 1. In other words, the themes [...]
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Why Your Android Phone Is Spying On You Too!

Earlier this week, mainstream media went into a fear-mongering frenzy over the discovery of an un-encrypted database (the “Evil” consolidated.db file) on apple’s iphone smartphones, which contained detailed location data, every [...]

@anotherkate – “ Steve Jobs can surprise you with cake on your birthday!”

Today’s Tweet Of The Day is from Kate Phillips @anotherkate
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Google Launches Groupon clone. And No, Its Not Called "Goopon".

Nearly 4 months after Groupon walked away from an accquision by Google, the godfather of search built and successfully launched it’s own local daily deals site today starting with Portland, Oregon. Called Google Offers, the service sends [...]
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Can We Use Games To Positively Change Health Care? Find Out At The "Is Health Gaming a Game-Changer?" Event

Can mobile and video games help control and prevent diabetes, asthma, heart disease and other life-shortening, expensive conditions that are collectively costing both the patients and the United States billions of dollars every year in health [...]
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@Where20 – "Foursquare graph is people I want to share my every move with"

Today’s Tweet Of The Day is from Where 2.0 @where20
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Apple Q2 Profit Nearly Doubles On Strong iPhone, Mac sales and The Verizon Service Debut

Apple Inc did not disappoint anyone, including fanboys and haters, by posting a better than expected March quarter (fiscal year Q2 2011) sales and profits , with enormous increases in iPhone and Mac shipments (i.e. sales). iPad sales did disappoint, [...]
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Royal Wedding Fever Grips The Internet Across The World!

One look at Google Search insights is all you need, to realize how much the entire world is obsessed with the Royal Wedding of Prince Williams and Catherine Middleton. The search trends for “Royal Wedding” for the past 30 days is [...]
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