TripMedi and WalkIn Win The Startup Bus Competition at SXSW!

TripMedi and WalkIn jointly won The Startup Bus Competition at SXSW last night.

TripMedi is a startup geared towards servicing the $20 billion medical tourism market. It seeks to help patients get the help they need, run what-if analysis on costs in the United States vs outside for the same medical procedure that they need done, provide reviews and ratings of physicians who can perform the procedure and essentially become the go-to place for medical tourism for everyone involved in that industry.

WalkIn, the other winner is trying to solved a more social problem everywhere around the world – arriving at restaurants and waiting for your name to be called from a waiting list, or worse still, getting tasked with holding a heavy flash “beeper” that vibrates and flashes red LED lights screaming “your table is now ready”. The WalkIn system will allow restaurant patrons to check in at a restaurant – by scanning a QR code at the host’s desk – and then go off and do whatever they want to do while waiting for their table. When their name is about to be called, they’d receive an alert on their internet-enabled device, to return to the restaurant. The WalkIn team designed the service to run on HTML5, so that it will work on any mobile device that has a QR code reader app.

For those that are not familiar with it, Six buses, 40 teams, 48 hours and one winning business idea, is the concept behind the Startup Bus.

Part road trip, part hackathon, this yearly competition immerses the participants, also called “buspreneurs” into 48 hours of intense business and application development on their way to the South by Southwest conference in Austin, Texas. The participants are from all around the united states, with buses leaving from San Francisco, Chicago, Cleveland, Miami, and New York.

startupbus group photo pic

The Startup Bus 2011 Team

The team of six judges comprised of Dave McClure (500 startups), Naval Ravikant (Angel List), Tom Ball (Austin Ventures), Philip Fierlinger (Startup Bus sponsor Xero), Greg Veen (TypeKit) and Stephen Anderson (Baseline Ventures).

Don’t forget to check out the videos from WalkIn and TripMedi. We will no doubt be tracking these 2 promising startups on oObly!

TripMedi Demo

WalkIn App Demo

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