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Murder Victim’s Parent Sue Facebook For Gruesome Photos Posted By Creepy Paramedic

In spring of ’09, Caroline Wimmer, 26, was strangled to death with her hair-dryer’s cord in her own apartment in Staten Island. When 46 year old paramedic Mark Musarella – a retired and decorated NYPD Emergency Services Unit [...]

Dancing Android Mascot Owns The Dancing Floor In Taiwan [VIDEO]

[April 6th, 2011 update: The Dancing Android video has now raked up over 2.2 million views on youtube in just 2 weeks!] Google’s Android mobile platform just got some free publicity through a viral youtube video. At Sony Expera Arc cellphone [...]
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TripMedi and WalkIn Win The Startup Bus Competition at SXSW!

TripMedi and WalkIn jointly won The Startup Bus Competition at SXSW last night. TripMedi is a startup geared towards servicing the $20 billion medical tourism market. It seeks to help patients get the help they need, run what-if analysis on [...]
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What Is The Oldest Tweet In The World?

The oldest tweet in the world, which, of course, is also the very first tweet on twitter was tweeted by co-founder and programmer Jack Dorsey (@jack) , on March 21st 2006 at 1:50 pm pacific time. Here it is.