Police Chief Wants You To Hack Your Kids’ Facebook Account To Keep Them Safe

Police Chief James Batelli says that teenage children are locking moms and dads out of their “virtual rooms” (i.e. online activities) everyday and that their parents are clueless about this. With a teenager daughter in his own household, Batelli – Chief of Police at the Mahwah (New Jersey, USA)  Police Department knows all too well, the danger and threat that social networking sites like Facebook and chat rooms pose to teenagers and young children.

He thinks that inappropriate photos on Facebook are threatening to ruin young people’s college and career resumes.

Batelli also thinks that “trust”ing your children to behave properly online sounds good in theory, but is impractical and speaks for denial on the part of parents.

“To stick your head in the sand and think that, in 9th, 10th, 8th grade, your child is not going to be exposed to alcohol, is not going to be exposed to drugs is kind of a naive way to go about it.”

His solution? Monitor your kid’s online activity in near real-time using a keystroke logging software and hack into their facebook accounts to detect risky behavior and to keep them safe from online predators and other associated risks.

Batelli also participates in the Mahwah Police seminars where detectives teach parents how to install keystroke-recording software on their home computers.

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While some may feel that keystroke logging software (popularly known as spy-ware) may be extreme it is more effective than the other alternatives that I have seen. For instance, parents typically send “Friend Requests” to their kids on Facebook, and when the kid accepts their request and adds them to their “friend list” most parents assume that this is good enough for them to keep an eye on their kids. However, most kids these days are tech-savvy enough to know that they can selectively block certain posts (that they don’t want their parents to see) from being visible to their parent at the individual status update, photo / video posting level. In effect, the kids controls what the parents see about them, without the parents realizing that the kid is hiding stuff from them.

Parents: How To Monitor Your Kids Online

If you are a parent, you have 2 solutions

Software Solution: Get Family Cyber Alert – Parental Control & Keylogger & Internet Monitoring & Chat Monitoring software. This installs on the computer, and they won’t be aware of it (unless they are extremely geeky and know how to detect spy-ware).

Hardware Solution: Get The KeyLlama USB Hardware Keylogger – This is a physical hardware, that goes into the USB drive of the desktop or laptop or tablet PC that your kid uses. This is a good option only if your kid is too young or naive to realize that the hardware is logging the keystrokes and passwords. Because if they do realize it, they are obviously going to remove it the moment you leave them alone.

Children: How To Prevent Your Parents From Snooping On You

If you are a kid, and suspect that your parents are watching you, you have a few solutions (all software). Most anti-virus software these days also detect keystroke logging software (spy-ware). Try to get your hands on a reputed spy-ware remover, for example – PC Tools Spyware Doctor/Antivirus.

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