Auto-Corrected Text Message Leads To British Man’s Murder In A Bloody Confrontation

In what is widely hailed as an first of it’s kind, a British man was killed as a direct consequence of an auto corrected word in a text message.

Neil Brook – a resident of Manchester, UK, stabbed the victim Josef Witkowski to death over a misunderstanding that resulted from an auto-corrected text message. auto correct killing photo pics
According to Brook, here’s how it went down.

  • Brook sends Witkowski an SMS (text message) that calls him “mutter“, but the phone’s** auto-correct “feature” changes “mutter” to “nutter“, the British slang word for a crazy person.
  • Enraged by the text that called him a “nutterWitkowski sends a series of increasingly abusive text messages back to Brook.
  • Witkowski then arrives at Brook‘s home wielding a knife.
  • Brook, in preparation for Witkowski‘s visit tapes two large knives around his apartment, on the door and near his bathroom
  • Brook stabs Witkowski to death in an extremely bloody, violent, dramatic attack (over 100 stab wounds in victim)

When the Manchester police arrived at the scene, Brook was allegedly covered from head to toe in blood. Brook then sang along to music on his TV while he waited for a police van to come and take him away.

Despite all this, the Judge presiding the case ruled that Brook killed the victim Witkowski in self-defense, and dialed the charges down from first degree murder to manslaughter.

The perp’s sentencing is pending a report due, that would decide if he (Brook) posed a danger to the public.

Even if this is the first ever known case of SMS technology resulting in a homicide, it is certainly not the last!

** = make, brand of phone is unknown at the time of this writing.

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