Turn Your Ideas Into Apps At the BeMyApp Weekend

BeMyApp Weekend is a FREE event in which mobile app developers, designers, investors and thinkers come together and collaborate to turn ideas into apps, and have fun doing it. The event, which takes place this March (4th, 5th and 6th, 2011) in San Francisco is the first such event in the United States.

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"Let Make An App Over A Weekend In San Francisco!"

Previously, 4 wildly popular BeMyApp Weekend events (1 every quarter) took place in Paris (France). Of the 4 events, 3 were centered around iOS (iPhone, iPad apps) and the 4th around the android platform. Next week, 3 more BeMyApp Weekends are set to take place – in Paris, Marseilles and Lyon (all in France).

The event in San Francisco will be focused on iPhone and iPad apps for the iOS.

I met with Vera Galvova, Chief Operating Officer at BeMyApp, to get the low down on the event. Right-away, Vera told me that this wasn’t an App Show or a Hackathon.


On one side, you have hackathons where the coders are sitting alone and coding away, and on the other end of the spectrum, you have shiny new apps that have already made it to the app store, and the app shows quickly turn into PR campaigns for the app.

BeMyApp is different. “With this event,” says Vera,”We want to bring together the ideas, the coders, the designers, the investors and all other peeps involved in the making of an awesome app. Hopefully this will foster collaboration – something that seems to be missing in the (Silicon) Valley.”

Judging by the number of signups already – 17 ideas, 15 developers ,7 app designers and 10 super powers (like influencers, investors, PR peeps), I think this is going to be one helluva weekend that you don’t wanna miss!

When and Where is BeMyAppWeekend?

The 1st BeMyApp Weekend of the year will take place at the new pariSoma coworking and event space located at 169 11th Street, San FranciscoMarch 4th-6th, 2011.

BeMyApp Weekend Tickets, Registration

The event is free. Still, you should register and pick the type of ticket that closely represents you. Use the form below, or if this doesn’t work, head over to the registration page here.

BeMyApp Weekend – How Does It Work?

Peeps who registered as “I have a super idea” will get a minute or two to pitch their ideas Friday evening to the entire audience. Then, just the developers (because they are the ultimate creators, right?!) get to vote on the ideas. Finally the 6 ideas with the most votes will be developed over the weekend. Demos of the 6 chosen apps will be presented Sunday evening, and after that the Judges will deliberate and pick a winner who gets $5,000 worth of ad-sponsored campaign and a dedicated PR campaign courtesy of the MIX Agency!

Besides the jury, there will be 300 online beta testers who will be able to cast their vote as well! More details of the weekend, including a day by day agenda, can be found at BeMyApp.com

Want more? Check out photos from the previous BeMyApp Weekends here, here and here.

If you are interesting in sponsoring the event or have other questions, please contact Vera via email: vera (at) bemyapp.com

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This Looks Like A Lot Of Fun!

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