Conversations About Coworking [VIDEO]

Julian Nachtigal, Chief Coworking Guru at pariSoma coworking space in San Francisco, talks to oObly about coworking.

Conversations About Coworking – Highlights and Timelines

    1. What is the main mission of Coworking? 0:40
    2. Who is coworking at pariSoma? 1:15
    3. Is coworking empowering? 1:48
    4. What are some startup services that pariSoma offers? 2:00
    5. How has the recession (2008-2010) affected coworking? 3:10, 4:15
    6. How Faber Novel (pariSoma parent) invests in startups with seed funding: 3:50
    7. How some peeps rode out the recession by joining a coworking space 4:15
    8. How coworkers collaborated to build the pariSoma coworking app 4:45
    9. Some more value added benefits for working in a coworking space 5:55

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