Two Indian Sisters Lure Facebook User To His Death In A Ransom Plot

Two sisters from Bangalore, India allegedly lured a budding engineer – Tushar Kumar – to his death in a kidnapping and ransom plot gone terribly wrong. According to a report on, the perps – sisters Shivani and Preeti (using fake names Poorvi and Varsha respectively) got the victim’s phone number from his Facebook Page and then called him, falsely claiming to have gotten his contact number from the other popular social network in India – Orkut.

One of the sisters then expressed an interest to be “friends” with Tushar and offered to meet him and “chill out”. After the unsuspecting victim and his friend arrived at a Mall on their second meeting, the perp sisters convinced the two guys to go to their friend’s place to “chill out”.

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If Tushar Kumar Was Not On Facebook, He'd Be Alive Today!

The two sisters then got rid of the victim’s friend by saying that the “chill out” room was too cramped to accomodate him, so he left. After the victim’s friend left, two other guys came into the room and tried to force Tushar to call his dad and declare that he had been kidnapped and needed ransom money to be paid to the kidnappers for his freedom.

When Tushar refused to comply, the two men stangled him to death, stuffed him in a sack and then dumped his body in eucalyptus tree grove nearby. The perps moved forward with their ransom plan anyways and were eventually arrested by the Indian police who’d laid a trap for them under the pretext of delivering the ransom money. All four were booked for murder.

Police interviewed the victim’s friends who confirmed that the two sisters who actions resulted in Tushar’s death said the girls had “friended” him on Facebook account with the intention of kidnapping him and exthorting a ransom from his father.

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