Facebook Group Posting On Sex, Drugs Leads To Threat Against Innocent Student

Facebook has now become an additional headache for parents of teenage school students, with so much of bullying, solicitation, robbery and false rumors occurring everyday as a direct result of Facebook status updates, page and discussion forum postings.

Earlier this week, a Facebook pages dedicated to rumors of sex and drug use led to threats against a local school near Chicago.

TribLocal reporter Megan Craig reports that a Facebook discussion page that includes Warren Township High School student postings with rumors about alleged rampant drug use, sex and other personal information on campus led to threats against one particular student in the school, as filed in a police report.

When police arrived at Gurnee High School on Jan. 10, a 16-year-old student told them that some students at the school thought that he was the author of the Facebook page, and that he’d been threatened by other students as a result. The student denied that he had anything to do with the facebook page alleging the rumors of rampant sex and drugs on campus.

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The Hidden Message On Facebook ;)

WTHS Superintendent Philip Sobocinski said that while the district is aware of the rumor page , the school doesn’t have the authority to discipline students over the way they use the Internet when theyre off-campus.

Sobocinski said that policy is strict , and school officials encourage students to report bullying outside of school to the police.

( Source: Megan Craig @ The Chicago Tribune’s TribLocal Division )

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