What Does Fraped Mean? What To Do If You Get Fraped?

Just saw this on a Facebook status update today, and I had to look it up, because I didn’t think it mean what I thought it meant. Turns out it meant exactly what I thought it meant!

Fraping, Fraped, Frape.

Fraping is the act of defacing someone else’s Facebook page by changing their profile, posting dirty, nasty, humiliating updates on their Facebook status page, and every thing else that can be considered a violation of the frape victim’s facebook page.

I didn’t make that up. The urban dictionary introduced it on January 24th 2010. Look!

what is fraping facebook rape photo pic

Don't Get Fraped!

There are even website devoted to Fraped Facebook profiles. For example, this one called frapedlol.com in which other facebook users can submit screenshots of fraped profiles.

getting fraped on facebook photo pic

Oops! Someone Just Got Fraped!

If you are worried about getting fraped, then oObly recommends the following actions

  1. Lock your computer / laptop / iPhone / iPad / <whatever gadget you are using> anytime you are away from it
  2. Avoid easy to guess facebook password security questions, like “What was your high school mascot” or “Who was your 1st crush in high school”
  3. Tell Zuck that you got fraped, and ask him what steps he will take to protect you in future**.

** If you try #3 and actually get through to him, Mark will likely tell you that you got fraped because you are a “dumb f*ck”.

As a desperate measure, I would say Delete your Facebook account, but that is impossible, because Facebook just won’t let you leave. Ever!

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3 Responses to "What Does Fraped Mean? What To Do If You Get Fraped?"

  1. James says:

    Or alternatively, add your mobile/cell phone number to Facebook and only allow yourself to see it and enable Login Approvals.

    Also enable https to prevent man in the middle snopping, all makes your Facebook account more secure.

  2. James says:

    One other thing I forgot to add, it’s pretty easy to delete your Facebook account permanently by following the link below:

    Follow all the prompts and then stay away from your account, then it’ll be gone for good.

    Remember to back up anything like pictures and other important stuff before you do, as you won’t be able to get them back ever again.

    Also you have two weeks if you decide to keep your account or not.

  3. Megan says:

    My cousin fraped me when I was in the kitchen makin us hot chocolate. I was messaging my boyfriend and she told him that I had “cancer” when in reality I didn’t. He hasn’t spoken to me since :(

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