BAIA Panel: Women Entrepreneurs, US Vs. The European Experience

When it comes to founding (or co-founding) hi-tech startups, anyone following the startup scene knows how under-represented women are. In addition, there seems to be a disconnect between opportunities and resources in equity funding for high growth women-owned/led businesses.

That’s why BAIA (Business Association Italy America) is hosting a Panel discussion titled “Women Entrepreneurs, the US vs. the European/Italian Experience” on Wednesday, January 19, 2011 from 6:30 PM – 8:45 PM in San Francisco, California.

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Is This Fo' Real?! (Women In Tech)

Wendy Beecham (CEO, Watermark) will moderate the panelists that includes Silvia Console Battilana (Co-founder Auctionomics), Joanna Rees (VC and founder of VSP Capital), Laura Ventura (VP and Founder of CumuLogic) and Sharon Vosmek (CEO, Astia).

Amongst other things, the panel will discuss

  • Why are there still so few women entrepreneurs in high tech, bio-tech, clean tech and other high growth industries?
  • How do the organizations supporting women entrepreneurs compare in the U.S vs. Europe/Italy?
  • How effective are the different educational systems in providing and encouraging technical and business training for women?
  • Are women taking advantage of the resources available for leadership development to grow their business?
    Is the VC community using two standards in funding companies?

BAIA Panel: Women Entrepreneurs – Tickets, RSVP

Get tickets here. The very early birds and early birds ticket sales have ended, but you can still get the very affordable General Admission tickets while they last!

BAIA Panel: Women Entrepreneurs – Event Location, Address

Cooley LLP
101 California Street, 5th floor
San Francisco, CA 94111

( photo credit: flickr / thisgirlangie – my friend and co-founder of women2.0 )

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