Don’t Miss Appbackr’s Appbackerthon “Hacker & Painter” This Weekend!

appbackr, the world’s first wholesale market for iphone and ipad apps, wants to give all iOS developers and designers a stage to build an app from idea to launch over a weekend.

That’s why they are hosting appbackerthon –  a free hackerthon for Hackers & Designers – at the SoundCloud HQ in Berlin, Germany.

The event is titled ‘Hacker & Painter‘ because appbakr’s goal is to connect top engineers and awesome app designers together and pump out awesome apps. With that in mind, they keep the ratio of engineers to designers at 3:1. Also there will be no business peeps, so all suits reading this take note – You are excused from this hackathon!

Appbackerthon Hackathon Details

The appbackerthon runs from Friday, January 07, 2011 (8:00 PM) through Sunday, January 09, 2011 (5:00 PM) Berlin local time. You are allowed to use all kinds of existing APIs to build your App. The only requirement is that the app should be build for iOS devices i.e. iPhone apps, iPod apps, and iPad apps.

At the end of the event appbackr will give out prizes for the best apps. Pretty neat huh? I mean where else do you get the opportunity to “try out” your ideas and get a prize for it?!

appbackr hackathon berlin germany sample photo pic

I "heart" Hackathons.

Appbackerthon Hackathon Requirements

  • The app should be build for iOS devices i.e. iPhone apps, iPod apps, and iPad apps.
  • You should already have an idea (because there is no time to brainstorm ideas). That said, it’s ok if you don’t have an idea, as you can join other peoples with ideas.
  • Your app has to be build for the international Market, to qualify for the prices. Apps that are only build for the German market do not qualify.

Appbackerthon Hackathon Schedule


8 pm – start, get together and Pizza
8:30 pm – Welcome, introduction appbackr, Soundcloud, cloudControl
9 pm – Idea pitching (60 sec.), Team building
10 pm – start happy hacking!

All day coding
API and partner presentations


2 pm – wrap up, submit app
3 pm – Start price giving

Appbackerthon Hackathon Prizes

Appbackr will back the winners of the Appbackerthon with 1,500 dollars in cold hard cash. The app should then be submitted to the iTunes US Stores and on the Appbackr marketplace in order to be eligible to get the price. The submission can be done after the event.

Appbackerthon Hackathon Jury

A jury will judge the apps by the end of the weekend. The criteria to win are:

  • Usability/Design
  • Market size
  • Uniqueness
  • Technical difficulty

Why wait? Register for the Appbackerthon Hackathon here. It’s FREE!

(photo credit: flickr / batigolix )

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