PHOTOS – Leaked Facebook Photo Sharing App Screenshots

We found some more photos of the leaked facebook photo sharing app on the internets! Here they are, with a heading on what could be the intended functionality. #1 – Tag Your Friends In Photo, Post In Status Update – Facebook Photo [...]
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LEAKED! Facebook Secretly Developing Instagram-like Photo Sharing App

Social Networking site Facebook is reportedly working on a mobile photo sharing app that – from the leaked photos we have seen so far – looks striking similar to Instagram, the most popular mobile photosharing app that crossed 500 [...]
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Are Apps Stores Killing The Browser? "No!" Says Trip Hawkins In His AppNation 2011 KeyNote

Trip Hawkins, the legendary founder of video game publishing giant Electronic Arts and current CEO of Digital Chocolate delivered the keynote address at AppNation SF 2011. After  he spoke about 10 specific mobile gaming industry trends that [...]
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President Barack Obama To Host TownHall Meeting At Facebook HQ To Connect With Americans Across The Country

President Barack Obama is all set to host a virtual town hall meeting on April 20 (2011) from the Facebook HQ in Palo Alto. The event will be broadcast over Facebook Live, the White House blog announced earlier today. In the townhall, President [...]
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Murder Victim’s Parent Sue Facebook For Gruesome Photos Posted By Creepy Paramedic

In spring of ’09, Caroline Wimmer, 26, was strangled to death with her hair-dryer’s cord in her own apartment in Staten Island. When 46 year old paramedic Mark Musarella – a retired and decorated NYPD Emergency Services Unit [...]
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Police Chief Wants You To Hack Your Kids’ Facebook Account To Keep Them Safe

Police Chief James Batelli says that teenage children are locking moms and dads out of their “virtual rooms” (i.e. online activities) everyday and that their parents are clueless about this. With a teenager daughter in his own household, [...]
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Facebook Made Less Than 1% Of Its Assessed Valuation In the First 9 Months of 2010

French webiste nouvelobs reports that Facebook made just $355 million in net income in the first nine months of 2010. This information is based on private placement prospectus that G0ldman Sachs presented in New York this afternoon to wealthy [...]

"Facebook Obsession" CNBC Documentary Airs This Thursday

With more than 500 million active users spending over 700 billion minutes per month on it’s site, Facebook has become a generational phenomena that affects almost every one of our lives in some way or the other. CNBC’s one-hour documentary [...]

Montana Police Department Uses Facebook Pages To Fight Crime

In an attempt to help businesses stay safe and open for business, Montana Police Officer Shane Winden is taking an innovative approach to fighting crime in downtown Billings (Montana). He has convinced the Department to create a Facebook page [...]
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