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Confirmed! Apple Selling UNLOCKED iPhone 4 Phones in US.

Rumors of Unlocked iPhones (i.e. iphones you can use with any cellphone carrier, without contracts) that surfaced on the internet over the weekend have turned out to be true. Apple Inc is now selling UNLOCKED iPhone 4 units (GSM model only) [...]

Apple Sued by iCloud Communications Over iCloud

iCloud, the revolutionary free cloud computing and storage service unveiled by Apple less than a week ago at WWDC 2011 is the subject of a new lawsuit. Phoenix-based iCloud Communications, a company that provides voice-over-IP and other cloud [...]
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"Apple is growing like Weed." CEO Steve Jobs (VIDEO)

At a City Council meeting in Cupertino, California on Tuesday, Commander-In-Chief at Apple Inc, CEO Steve Jobs revealed plans for a new HQ for the company that “looks a little like a spaceship“. Appearing in his trademark black turtleneck [...]
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VIDEO: Apple CEO Steve Jobs Delivering the WWDC 2011 Keynote Address

Here is the full 117 minutes of video of Apple CEO Steve jobs delivering the WWDC 2011 Keynote address here in San Francisco at the Moscone Center. This is the OFFICIAL video of the event from Apple Inc!
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Steve Jobs Preparing For His WWDC Keynote Speech Delivery (PIC)

Wondering how Apple CEO Steve Jobs is preparing to deliver his WWDC 2011 Conference Keynote Speech? Well, if you ask cartoonist Mark Anderson this is how he sees Steve Jobs doing it.
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WWDC 2011 iPhone, iPad App With Schedules, Sessions,News Photos and More! (iTunes App)

Apple Inc has released a new iphone, ipad app to help the WWDC 2011 attendees make the most of the event. See the download link below to get this App from iTunes. The app has several useful features including Ability To Reserve Time at the [...]
wwdc 2011 iphone app

VIDEO: iPad on iOS5 Exclusive Preview, Demo!

Can’t wait to get your iOS 5 update on your iPad? Wait no more, because Simon Pierro is here to show us a demo of iOS5 on his ipad. Truly a #MAGICAL experience!

Apple WWDC 2011 KeyNote Address Schedule In Local Time

With a lot of exciting announcements expected at Apple’s WWDC 2011 this June 6th including iCloud – Apple’s cloud based streaming service iOS 5 – The next version of iOS OS X Lion– The next version of MAC which [...]

Catalog Spree – The iPad App That Your Man Doesn’t Want You Downloading!

Catalog Spree is the first cross-brand shopping app that fully integrates the retail catalog shopping experience with mobile shopping, social network sharing, product reviews and mobile commerce into the familiar swipe interface of the iPad [...]
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Are Apps Stores Killing The Browser? "No!" Says Trip Hawkins In His AppNation 2011 KeyNote

Trip Hawkins, the legendary founder of video game publishing giant Electronic Arts and current CEO of Digital Chocolate delivered the keynote address at AppNation SF 2011. After  he spoke about 10 specific mobile gaming industry trends that [...]

iPhone Multitasking, Spotlight Search Features LEAKED! [VIDEO]

Vietnamese site Tinhte.vn, the same site that has been the source of legitimate leaks in the recent past, published never before seen videos of apple’s iPhone (4?) showcasing multi-tasking capabilities as well as a hidden spotlight search [...]

@anotherkate – “..so Steve Jobs can surprise you with cake on your birthday!”

Today’s Tweet Of The Day is from Kate Phillips @anotherkate
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Apple Q2 Profit Nearly Doubles On Strong iPhone, Mac sales and The Verizon Service Debut

Apple Inc did not disappoint anyone, including fanboys and haters, by posting a better than expected March quarter (fiscal year Q2 2011) sales and profits , with enormous increases in iPhone and Mac shipments (i.e. sales). iPad sales did disappoint, [...]
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Apple Expected To Announce Blowout Earnings North Of $24 Billion!

In preparation for Apple Inc’s 2nd Quarter (Q2-2011) earnings announcement due on April 20th, top Wall Street Investment Bank J.P. Morgan has upped it’s projections for Apple’s earning through 2012, mainly due to the expected [...]
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Can You JailBreak Your iPhone Forever? CutYourSim Says It Can.

While Jobs and his band of Nerdy Fanboys are busying detecting and preventing jailbreaking and unlocking of the iPhone –¬† CutYourSim -a company claiming to be an Authorized reseller of NooSY Brand Micro Sim Cutters and Adapters – [...]
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The BEST iPad Stand Ever!

… and it could be yours for FREE!

Your iPhone May Be Taking Pictures Of You (And You Don’t Even Know It!)

Next time you walk around the house naked swinging your Yodongo thinking that you are all alone, think again. Some iPhone 4 users over at Apple’s forum are reporting that a bug in the iPhone 4‘s front facing camera is inadvertently [...]
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iPad 2 Shortage Has Spread To The Afterlife For Tomb Sweeping Day Ritualists

APPLE’S iPad 2 shortage has spread to the afterlife as Chinese families in Malaysia are rushing to buy paper replicas of the popular new gadget from apple, to burn for their dead as part of a centuries-old prayer ritual called the Qingming [...]
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