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Get Into GamesBeat 2012 At 20% Off –Over 100$ In Savings [DEAL]

GamesBeat 2012, one of the hottest Game Industry event, takes place this Tuesday and Wednesday at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco. We wrote earlier about the event, including who will be speaking and what you can expect out of the event. There [...]
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History Of The Modern Treasure Hunter

Presented By HipSwap
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Get Inside The Game Industry At GamesBeat2012 [EVENT]

The game industry as we know it is changing rapidly, with massive disruption, consolidation, innovation, and the arrival of big money across all platforms happening simultaneously. The industry leaders are transitioning from console games to [...]
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How Dangerous Is Texting And Driving? Why Do We Still Do It?

Despite accidents and fatalities (deaths) that we see in the news everyday that are traced to the driver(s) using their mobile phones to text or call at the time of their crash, the average american driver continues to indulge everyday in this [...]

Internet Doomsday Virus Checker And Removal Tool.

Worried about the Internet Doomsday Malware shutdown taking the internets out of your Computer? Here’s how you can pre-emptive check if you will be affected, and even remove the malware (if you are flagged as being affected) before July [...]

FBI Warns Of Blackout Monday. Is This The Internet Doomsday? [VIDEO]

The FBI says more than 250,000 computers worldwide are affected with DNSChanger malware. If your computer is hacked, hackers reroute you to a another site that looks and feels the same, so you don’t even realize you have been hacked. Last [...]

The Art Of Programming [COMIC]

Oracle is looking for Eco-Enterprise Innovation Nominations!

Has Oracle helped reduced your environmental impact? If so, they are looking for you to submit your nomination for a chance to win an Oracle Openworld Pass! Some of examples of what they are looking include how your company reduced waste, decreased [...]
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Celebrate Freedoms From Owning Stuff With $25 Off Your Next JustShareIt Ride Rental! [DEAL]

JustShareIt, the popular person-to-person vehicle sharing and rental service has just announced a July 4th “Freedom” deal today, on Independence Day. Get $25 off your next JustShareIt ride rental from today through July 9th. To redeem, [...]
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Meet The Cellphone Jerks! And How To Determine If You Are One Of Them.

Not too long ago, you were frowned upon if you used your cellphone in the bus or train, and downright loathed if you took a call while taking a dump in the bathroom.Today, 75% of Americans admit to taking a call while doing their business in [...]

6 Types Of Social Media Personas. Which One Are You?

Ever wonder what kind of a social media person you are perceived as? Based in Canada, Aimia, a company specializing in loyalty management, recently published results of a study that analysed the behavioural drivers of trust and control to come [...]
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