VidCon 2012: YouTube Launches Marketplace Connecting Its Stars With Brands Who Need Viral Videos

On Day one of VidCon 2012 at Anaheim, California – a 3 day conference and party that connects online video lovers, Independent creators, enablers, makers, viewers and supporters – YouTube made a major announcement today at the keynote presentation.

Shishir Mehrotra, YouTube vice president of product management, announced the launch of their “Video Creation Marketplace”, a portal that will connect youtube video content creators with brand marketers and agencies looking to create a “viral buzz” for their products and services online.

While Youtube launched in 2007 as an online platform to upload and share videos, it wasn’t until 2007 that YouTube began partnering with video producers to share ad revenue by way of pre-roll ads reels and instream ads. This was a major innovation in the service that allowed amateur video producers to actually create video content for a living or even to suplement their day job income.

Baljeet Singh, group product manager at YouTube even claimed

We pay out millions of dollars to partners each year. Thousands of channels are generating six figures a year.

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So How Exactly Does The Youtube Marketplace Work?

Publishers: On the seller’s side, through the Youtube marketplace site, video content creators who are Youtube partners will be able to set up profiles that highlights what they do, their past success stories in making viral videos or videos with a high number of views and the demographics or types of brands that they think they are best suited for, to produce video for a fee.

Brand Marketers: On the buyer’s side, advertisers or agencies will be able to search for and filter down publishers using keywords, content type, target demographics, age groups etc in order to locate the right YouTube star that they think can best help them with their video ad campaign. Once the two parties find each other, they negotiate the terms and conditions of the deal by themselves, with YouTube completely out of the picture!

Is The Youtube Marketplace Live Already?

According to YouTube, the company will begin talks with potential content partners starting today at VidCon, and expects to officially launch the site and talk to brand marketers and agencies later this summer.

So stay tuned and keep making videos until then. Who knows, your videos might just go viral and you’ll be able to quit that day job pretty soon!

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