Google Strikes Back!

The world’s most influential website,, protested the evil and dangerous SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) today by blacking out it’s popular Google Doodle on the home page, as well as it’s logo on all it’s search results. The reason Google has made it’s logo and doodle black is because it – like a majority of the internet users – feels that the SOPA Bill in Congress would give the Government unprecedented control to Police and Censor the Internets.

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While I expected something more dramatic, like using CSS to black out the text like has done, this is still good enough to grab the attention of everyone in the United States towards the SOPA bill that threatens the very existence of the Internet as we all know it.

Using CSS to black out your site will ensure that you are protesting without losing your search engine indexing and ranking, since most search engine crawlers disable CSS and Javascript when crawling your website.

Canadian visitors to are reporting that they are seeing the regular google site and search results. Hacker News user Mat Dwyer also confirmed.

Must be geotargeted as the logo for searches in Canada aren’t black.

So at this point, only US visitors appear to be affected by this protest and even that is purely visual, because the search results are still alive and well and working.


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