The Cassette Tape Is Back!

If you grew up in the 80s, then you most likely have a mix-tape somewhere in your “box” (that one box in which we keep our treasures). With the advent of digital technology, the cassette tape era is all but gone. Even the Oxford English Dictionary cut “cassette tape” from it’s dictionary trying to mark the defined end of the old but much loved music format. Yet independent labels issuing tape-only releases have begun popping up around the world. The Cassette tape is making a comeback!

A new project on seeks to capture the history and the comeback of the Cassette in a documentary film titled “CASSETTE: A Documentary Film about the Cassette Tape“.

Zack Taylor a documentary photographer and Seth Smoot a commercial & editorial photographer came up with this idea to document the cassette tapes life from it’s glory days of “mix tapes” to it’s near extinction in the 21st century and it’s most recent comeback in various countries around the world.

When I started making tapes either for myself or for friends, I was suddenly not just the listener, but also the creator. The songs may not have been mine, but the album was: I made it. Your tape was like your fingerprint; it was a product of your own unique tastes.

–Zack Taylor

Help Make CASSETTE: A Documentary Film Happen

The kickstarter project to raise funds to produce the Cassette documentary will end in less than a month from today. While the project has already raised about $4,500 from nearly 60 donors it is still only 20% of the fund raising goal of $25,000.

Help them reach to goal by backing them on I hope you enjoy this trailer about the Cassette Documentary.

[ Cassette photo via flickr /gi , cassette teaser video via youtube / ZDT0 ]

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