Infering Your Political Views From Your Programming Language Of Choice

Lorenzo Danielsson, a 40 year old programmer who, in his own words, turned into a vegetable this year, had posted an informative, and mostly accurate story on the political views of programmers based on their programming language of choice waaaay back in 2008 at the height of the Elections that Barack Obama would eventually win.

Here are some gems from that List.

C Programmers

The C stands for conservative. Grand ‘Ole Party, all the way.

Java Programmers

These are the neo-cons, in the truest sense of the word. They used to be liberal but now feel comfortable rubbing shoulders with C programmers. They haven’t noticed that C programmers despise them.

Mono/.Net programmers

The only thing I was able to learn about this crowd is that they are so accustomed to constant change that they cannot imagine supporting the same candidate, or even the same party, for two consecutive elections.

PHP programmers

After many years of code abuse, most PHP programmers have been declared unfit to vote.

Scala programmers

They are too young to vote, which is a good thing, because they are very young and very confused.

LISP programmers

LISP programmers statistically do not exist.

Perl programmers

Life-style anarchists. Legalize it, whatever it may be.

Ruby programmers

Naive liberals. This is the young crowd who think they’ve got it all worked out. They haven’t, but don’t tell them that. They’ll overwhelm you with arguments that could only make sense to a really young mind.

Historically, Ruby has its political roots in the life-style anarchism of Perl. Though there are a few Rubyists who still openly admit that “anarchism is cool”, most modern Ruby programmers pretend it’s all a historical lie. In fact, a large number of Ruby programmers are secretly conservatives. They are tomorrow’s Java programmers. They feel that they are being kicked upon and can’t wait until it’s their turn to do the kicking.

It has been found that a significant number of Ruby programmers of the Rails type are fairly paranoid, to say the least. They have conspiracy theories coming out of their as.. er, back sides. They favor Ron Paul.

Check out the entire list here, that reveals the political views of some more programmers including Python programmers, Haskell programmers, Scala programmers, even a final note about Pascal Programmers.

Final note: I tried to interview a few Pascal programmers, but they were all too old to parse the questions.

At the very least, I can say that Lorenzo missed his calling as a Comic.

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