Turn Your Address Into A Snowy Wonderland Holiday Card With Snowify

A new site called Snowify lets you turns any address into a winter wonderland complete with falling snowflakes Buddy the Elf, Gingerbread men, an Igloo, a man dressed in an ugly christmas sweater downing cocktails, and even bad naked santas wearing nothing but a hat and a smile.

The site was created by Joe Palasekan interactive developer and motion graphics artist at Boston based digital ad agency Mullen.com. A couple of weeks before Christmas, Palasek was teaching himself Canvas  – the HTML 5 element that lets you draw on a web page – and created snowflakes that changed direction in response to the mouse movements.

When the CCO of the company walked by and noticed the snow on Palasek’s screen, he told Palasek that it was really cool, and that he should use it for something.

Soon, other peeps pitched in with ideas and eventually Snowify.me was born.

Snowify.me – How It Works.

First, visit Snowify.me  and enter an address in the address box. After a valid address, Snowify will present you with the Google Street View image of that location. You can then drag the arrows on the street to fine tune the location to be exactly where you want it to be.

By now Snow flakes will already be falling on your screen.

Then you get to drag and drop various peeps including Gingerbread Man, Buddy the Elf, Bad Naked Santas and more. It even has the 99% Occupy Wall Street protesters that you can drag and drop onto the screen.

Once you are happy with your design, you can click “Add Message” to add a custom message that will be displayed as a big banner at the top in the middle of the page.

Finally, you click Finish to complete the production of your Snowify Digital Holiday Card. You will now be presented with a permanent web address (URL) that is your Digital Holiday Card.

Use this URL to send customized digital holiday cards to anyone in the world!

You can also share it on twitter, facebook or email it to a loved one.

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