"Let Alec Play!" The Entire @AlecBaldwin DELETED Tweets Collection [VIDEO]

Award winning American actor Alec Baldwin was removed from an American Airlines flight on Dec. 6, 2011 in Los Angeles (LAX) for playing the game Words With Friends. Baldwin and American Airlines released conflicting versions of what happened during the incident.

Baldwin took his fight to twitter for the next 12 hours and the incident – labelled #WordsWithFriendsGate – quickly eascalated on twitter. 12 hours later, @AlecBaldwin ordered his tweeps to commit a mass #UNFOLLOW and then deactivated his @alecbaldwin verified twitter account.

For a short while, the account was renamed to @Deactivated001, with all of Balwin’s tweets intact. Then the account reached a suspended state and the tweets were no longer online. Those @alecbaldwin deleted tweets have never been seen in their entirety… until NOW!

The @oObly twitter watch team got it hands on those deleted tweets, and here they are in chronological sequence.

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