Like His Products, Steve Jobs’ Kitchen Was Small But Sleek And Functional

Steve Jobs had his kitchen designed just like his apple products – Small and Simple, yet really functional and sleek.
Here is a design of the Steve Jobs Kitchen, by Designer Johnny Grey  – who, btw, has also put up a design for the Obamas’ Kitchen.

Steve Jobs Kitchen Design - Image by Johnny Grey

While the rest of us are just now starting to “size-down” and are adopting to smaller spaces, including the kitchens in our homes, Steve Jobs figured that smaller was better as early as 18 years ago, according to British custom-kitchen designer Johnny Grey, who worked with Jobs in the mid-1990s to come up with this design. The two worked together on a kitchen design that was contemporary yet functional and compact.

Unfortunately, Jobs never constructed the kitchen, because, according to Grey, Steve Jobs was a very private person and unwilling to have contractors work around him. He also disliking noise, mess and invasion of his home.

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