Steve Jobs Book Flying Off The Shelves In An Unlikely Place… China!

Dog and Cat meat aren’t the only commodity that people in China are fighting over. Citic Press – the publisher of the Chinese version of the Steve Jobs Book / Biography – claimed that “Steve Jobs” was flying off the shelves from Bookstores around China Monday at a record pace monday morning.

The Citic Press Editor-in-Chief Pan Yue weibo-ed (weibo is the twitter of china)…

We hope reading about his experiences will inject vitality into our hidebound culture, lead young people to dare to seek out change, dare to be themselves, dare to push the limits and pursue creativity.

The Wall Street Journal reported that people in China were among the first in the world to line up outside book stores to buy a copy of the biography, written by prolific biographer Walter Isaacson. “We started to sell the book from 10:05 this morning,” said Chen Feng, store manager of a branch of Shanghai Book Mall. “There were already more than 100 Jobs fans lining up outside the store from about 8am.” Shortly after the book went on sale, the store had given away all 200 sets of Jobs T-shirts and cards they saved for the first batch of buyers. By afternoon, the book sold more than 300 copies.

In China, a listing for the book on top Chinese online shopping site Taobao Mall showed that about 6000 copies of the book, priced at 53 yuan ( = 8.30 US Dollars), were ordered over the past 7 days.

China Grieves For Steve Jobs

The WSJ story also reported that Mr. Jobs’ death earlier this month ignited an outpouring of grief in China, where many were left wondering why their own country – the world’s most populous country – had yet to produce someone like him. News of the book release revived that debate as numerous Internet users posted messages saying their bosses had bought copies of the book for them and their co-workers, possibly to stir some inspiration amongst the young people.

I personally hope the young generation of people in China get inspired by Steve Jobs and focus their energy on technology and innovation in a positive way, instead of the destructive ways they have been applying their knowledge to thus far.

[via WSJ / Loretta Chao, with contributions from Josh Chin and Yang Jie ]

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  1. Adam says:

    you think we really give a shit about steve job right? it is about the latest phone can earn us arbitraged price, that’s all. Frankly, my Chinese fellow probably would start cursing steve when thet realize those books aren’t gonna sell. As far as I am concerned, it’s not really about steve job’s death that kills off apple. The truth is that phone industry is about it. There is only so many thing you could do about a phone. So you basically add the features of a computer. That’s about it.

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