Why Is #millionfollowermac Trending On Twitter?

I was tweeting tonight from @oObly when I noticed that #millionfollowermac twitter hashtag was trending on twitter. At first I thought it was something to do with the Real Mac (Apple’s Macintosh line of computers) or some kind of tribute to Steve Jobs, but it was neither of these two.

Turns out, hip hop artist and rapper Mac Miller, previously known as Easy Mac (real name Malcolm McCormick) an American rapper from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania who is best known for his single “Donald Trump” reached a million followers on twitter and tweeted.

After which he tweeted #millionfollowermac

This started the #millionfollowemac hashtag’s rise and it started to trend slowly on twitter when other fans and followers retweeted his tweet with the #MillionFollowerMac hashtag and congratulated him with the same hashtag.

Mac noticed this trend and tweeted,

Ever since that millionth follower tweet, Mac Miller has added another 1,219 (and growing) tweeps in less than 3 hours… woot!

millionfollowermac twitter mac miller tweet trending pic

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