When Is Steve Jobs’ Funeral?

The funeral of Apple co-founder and former CEO Steve Jobs’s is said to be taking place today, Friday October 7th 2011.

According to WSJ, which cites a person familiar close to the matter, the funeral of Steve Jobs is going to be very small and very private.

Where Is Steve Jobs Funeral Taking Place?

The source that WSJ cites would not disclose where and at what time the funeral would take place. It is widely speculated that it would somewhere in Palo Alto or Cupertino, in California.

While Apple, the Company has stated that it has not planned any public services for Mr Jobs, Tim Cook, the present CEO of Apple who succeeded Steve Jobs few weeks back, wrote in an email to the company’s staff that a “celebration of Steve’s extraordinary life” would be held soon for Apple employees.

Pay Your Tributes To Steve Via Apple’s Dedicated Email Address

For the rest of us like you and me, we can always pay tribute to Steve Jobs and celebrate his extraordinary life on Apple’s home page where the company is encouraging all fans to share memories and thoughts through this dedicated email address that you can write into and mail stuff to – rememberingsteve@apple.com

I am not sure how and when they will share your tributes sent to the email address, but rest assured that they will come up with something innovative and creative as Steve would have!

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