iPhone 5 Screen Design LEAKED! [PICS]

Case-Mate, makers of iPhone and iPad cases and screen protectors inadventently published a new iPhone5 case design on their website that gives us some insights into how the iPhone 5 screen is going to look like.

They quickly pulled the page in question off their website and replaced it with a landing page, however, we were able to get the screenshot of that page before they pulled it, so here it is!

case mate 5 iphone 5 screen design leaked screenshot casemate cases pic

It is quite possible that Case-Mate did not get their hands on an actual iPhone 5 phone and were given prototype screens and dimensions to design their case. Still, the fact that Case-Mate pulled the iPhone 5 case page from their website speaks volumes to the fact that they did not intent to publish it in the 1st place, which in turn implies that this could be genuine design for a real iPhone 5 phone that is coming to an apple store near you.

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  1. Amanda Vorous says:

    Wow, it looks really nice!! Can’t wait to get one.

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