Anonyops Hacks BART, Publishes YouTube Video Calling For Protests In San Francisco Tomorrow. [VIDEO]

A group of anonymous hackers known as anonyops hacked and defaced BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit System) owned website The website, run by an external vendor for BART, provides BART passengers with news alerts and helps them get important information about their commute in the Bay Area.

The hackers were apparently angered at the BART authority’s first-amendment-violation move to curtail previous protests by taking cell phone service offline at some BART stations Thursday (11.Aug.2011) night in an attempt to cut off a planned protests.  They earlier threatened to take down the BART site for 6 hours, twice the number of hours that the BART had disabled cell phone service. Instead, anonymous (a.k.a. anonyops) hacked and  posted the names, street addresses, email addresses, phone numbers and passwords of at least 2,400 of the website’s 55,000 email subscribers on a webpage at


Anonymous hacks on Aug 14th 2011.

BART briefly acknowledge the attack on it’s official site and warned it’s customers and commuters of possible interruptions to train service. But then it quickly took down the acknowledgment and warning, and at the time of this writing, those posts are no longer visible on the BART home page.

BART acknowledges hack, then takes off the acknowledgement.

You can still view the screenshot here on twitpic.

YouTube Video Calls For Protests In San Francisco

Also today,  the anonymous hacker group Anonyops called for in-person protest in San Francisco at the Civic Center on Monday.  In a chilling video, the group instructed Bay Area residents to wear red shirts, masks and bring cameras to San Francisco’s Civic Center for a peaceful protest at 5 p.m. tomorrow (Monday, August 15th 2011).

Some BART Commuters Not Happy

Meanwhile BART commuters expressed their unhappiness at the attack that could’ve compromised their information. Over at Hacker News, user ajays thinks that the hackers have only aggravated the situation rather than helping the citizens.

Let me get this straight. Anon claims the government doesn’t give a fuck about me. So they come in and punch me in the face, and then say, “see, the government didn’t care about you”. This is like walking up to a person who’s getting raped, and kicking them in the head while they’re down. How does further abusing the citizens somehow make the original point that the government is abusing the citizens?

ajays (Hacker News), 14 May 2011 hack screenshot

Regardless, tomorrow is bound to be a very eventful day. oObly wishes it’s BART commuter friends a safe and happy journey into the beautiful City of San Francisco!

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