Top 6 New Features In Google+ iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch (iOS) App [VIDEO]

Google+ has just released an update to it’s iOS App i.e. the App that you can get from iTunes, Apple’s App Store.
Here is the Tech Lead at Google+ Mobile on what’s new in this release that went out today!

Top New Features in Google+ iPhone, iPad App

  1. This new version now supports iPod Touch and iPad devices, i.e. you can install them on your iPad and iPod Touch.
  2. You can view specific circles in your stream.
  3. You can choose who can huddle with you.
  4. You can easily  +mention someone in your posts.
  5. You can now start a huddle with someone directly from their profile.
  6. You can also hide 1-to-1 huddle conversations in your conversation list.

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