Top 5 Features In iOS 5 Beta 5 Release [VIDEO]

Apple released iOS 5 Beta 5 to iOS developers around the world over the weekend (August 6th).

Here is a short crisp video showcasing some of the new iOS 5 Beta 5 features.

Highlights of iOS 5 Beta 5

  1. In the Accessibility section is a new hearing aid mode feature which improves compatibility with hearing aids in some circumstances.
  2. Support for the new speech to text functionality, which might be released to users sometime this fall is part of this release.
  3. Presence of speech to text is finally confirmed!
  4. More info buttons on iCloud, on the personal set up screen as well as iCloud backup screen.
  5. Option to get to the WiFi settings by simply hitting the home button on your iPhone, iPad.

… and more features!

Check out the detailed iOs 5 Beta 5 Changelog here that gives the lowdown on the new goodies coming this fall to your iPhones and iPads!

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