Display A Post Tag Cloud Widget In Your Tumblr Blog in 10 Easy Steps!

A Tag Cloud is a visual listing of all the post tags in your blog, with a bigger font-size given to those tags that are used the most and a smaller font-size given to those tags that are least used. While WordPress has had post tag clouds for a very long time, Tumblr is yet to offer such a feature.

Until such time, you can still display a tag cloud on your tumblr blog using a free service provided by Heather Rivers.

Steps to Get a Tag Cloud For Your Tumblr Blog

  1. Head over to http://tumblrtags.rivers.pro/
  2. On the right side of the website where it says Preview, enter your tumblr blog address (URL) and click Preview.
  3. Once you see that the preview looks proper, do also double check it by hovering the mouse over the tag cloud link. The links should all be pointing back to your blog’s tag links for the tag you are hovering on. For example, I used my photoblog – YearsOfGuilt.com – to test this out.
    how to create get a free post tag cloud widget for tumblr blog
  4. After you are satisfied with the tag cloud preview, click the Back link and then copy the code in the box.
  5. Head over to your tumblr blog and logon to your dashboard.
  6. Now click Customize in your blog dashboard, and click Theme.
  7. Then click the “Use Custom HTML” button.
    tumblr customize theme how to add favicon
  8. This will show you the Theme’s HTML code.
  9. Paste the code you copied in the place where you want it to be displayed on your tumblog. Note that this location will vary depending on where you want to show the tag cloud, and how your theme is coded. To be safe, you should enclose the code in <DIV> tags as suggested in the tag cloud generator site.
  10. Click Save & Close and then refresh your page.

You should see the tag cloud with it’s default formatting and layout. If you want more control over the formatting, colors and such, then change the parameter in the code you copied using the help documentation on the tag cloud generator site for guidance.
Following are the list of parameters.

  1. css=default (or flickr, custom)
  2. minsize=120 (or any integer)
  3. maxsize=280 (or any integer)
  4. limit=none (or any integer)
  5. order=none (or frequency, alphabetical)
  6. math=log (or linear)

Do keep in mind that the widget code generated the tag cloud each time someone accesses your site, so you may possibly encounter performance issues with this.

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2 Responses to "Display A Post Tag Cloud Widget In Your Tumblr Blog in 10 Easy Steps!"

  1. Delaney says:

    I’m not very good with HTML, I want to use a tag cloud for my new tumblog which is a virtual version of my actor’s notebook. I’ve got it all figured out except step 9. I don’t know where in all that code this goes. I’d like it to be a long horizontal rectangle next to my tittle and above the black line. I’m not sure if that’s possible, but right now my main problem is I can’t get it too show up anywhere. Can you give me some more specific instructions as to where in all that code I should place this? Thanks.

  2. Arnold says:

    Hey, I have the same problem… Where do I paste the code into once I open up my Custom HTML? Could you give me some landmarks that I can look for within the entire Tumblr code?


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