Vice President Joe Biden Joins Twitters As @VP. "This is a BIG F___ING Deal! "

Vice President Joe Biden is the latest to jump onto the Twitter bandwagaon. I know, quite brave, considering the recent TweeterGate scandals and the fact that Biden himself know how “Gaffy” he could be in public.
In an Official blog post on the White House blog on Independence Day (July, 4th), Amy Dudley, Deputy Press Secretary to the Vice President, made the announcement.

Titled “Happy 4th from @VP“, the VP’s twitter handle / user was unveiled to the public.

Through @VP, Vice President Biden’s staff will keep followers up to speed on all things happening in the Office of the Vice President (OVP) – from the West Wing, to the Eisenhower Executive Office Building and the Office of Dr. Jill Biden, to the Naval Observatory. @VP will be on the road with the Vice President across the country and around the world, providing updates on the latest news and announcements coming out of OVP, as well as a behind the scenes look at Veep-life.

And the 1st tweet from @VP was for our troops.

Personally, I am very jealous, because Biden landed a coveted 2 letter twitter handle. That said, I am not following @VP as yet, because I am waiting for @RealJoeBiden to start tweeting his world famous Gaffes on the 2012 Campaign Trial, but that’s just me.

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