"Skype" With Grandma On Your HD Television

Pretty soon, your Grandma across the globe might be able to see and talk to you in big screen HD! Comcast announced Monday that it has brokered a deal with Skype that will allow Comcast subscribers to make high-definition quality video calls right from their TVs.

The Comcast-Skype integration will be made possible via a video kit from Comcast that consists of the Skype software, a video camera, a set-top box and a special remote control. Using this video kit, Comcast customers will be able to make and receive video or audio calls and text messages.

Also, it doesn’t matter if the person at the other end of the call uses a phone, a personal computer or a TV.

Users can also import friends to their Comcast address book from their Facebook, Outlook, Gmail and smartphone contact lists, find them on Skype and see when contacts are online and available to talk.

Just last month, Microsoft Corporation had officially agreed to acquire Skype for whooping $8.5 billion.

This is yet another step toward the “cord-cutting” era we are moving towards. While Skype-enabled TVs have been around since 2010, this is the first time consumers can use Skype with any Television set (that they already own).

Skype On Comcast – When Will It Be Available?

Comcast has not revealed any details about availability, other than saying that trials will begin “in the coming months,” with further details coming later this year (2011).

Skype On Comcast – How Much Will It Cost?

Comcast hasn’t revealed the pricing for the skype video kit for Comcast or the subscription fees (if any) for the service so it is really too early to determine if this will be more affordable or cost-effective than buying a Skype-enabled TV.

Stay tuned to oobly.com as we keep you updated on this.

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