Confirmed! Apple Selling UNLOCKED iPhone 4 Phones in US.

Rumors of Unlocked iPhones (i.e. iphones you can use with any cellphone carrier, without contracts) that surfaced on the internet over the weekend have turned out to be true. Apple Inc is now selling UNLOCKED iPhone 4 units (GSM model only) on it’s official store.

The UNLOCKED 16 GB iPhone 4 costs US $649, while the UNLOCKED 32 GB iPhone 4 model will make you poorer by US $749. While these prices are significantly higher than what US iphone fans are used to, international buyers might be able to take advantage of this deal. For instance, a contract-free 32 GB iPhone 4 in New Zealand costs US $1084 (NZ $1328) and is as such more expensive than the same US unit even after accounting for the Good And Services Tax (GST).

Advantages of Buying the UNLOCKED iPhone 4?

If you are able to shell out the extra dollars for the UNLOCKED iPhone 4 (GSM) which will be without any cellphone carrier contract, you still have several advantages, including the ability to swap SIM cards and pay a much lower carrier fee when you are abroad. Moreover, you are not ‘chained’ to a particular provider and can as such upgrade to newer instruments (iPhone 5 as soon as it arrives?) and change your carrier and data plans at will.

Where To Buy the UNLOCKED iPhone 4?

Originally slated to go on sale starting tomorrow, Apple has already gone live! Get the UNLOCKED iPhone 4 from the Official Apple Store here!

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