Sarah Palin Email Archives – Where To Find Them Online For Your Next Comic Skit

Today, the State of Alaska released over 24 thousand pages of email correspondence (24,199 pages to be precise) from former did-not-finish-my-term-and-ran-away Gov. Sarah Palin’s time in office. The partially redacted printouts, which were first requested nearly three years ago, are now being scanned digitally and published online online in a massive searchable database.

We have learned that Research company Crivella West is working in conjunction with, Mother Jones and ProPublica to get all the paper email correspondence documents scanned and published online in a searchable format.

Sarah Palin Emails Release – Key Stats

  • 3,800: Number of miles between Juneau, AK (where the emails were released) and Washington, DC [Google Maps]
  • 2,353: Number of pages of emails withheld by the state [Mother Jones]
  • 1,100: Number of emails withheld by the state [Mother Jones]
  • 727.50: Amount of dollars paid by news outlets to print one full set of the emails [Washington Post]
  • 600: Number of record requests made to Alaska government by news organizations [Washington Post]
  • 100: Number of volunteers solicited by the Washington Post to scour the emails [Washington Post]
  • 55: Weight in pounds of each box of emails [Washington Post]
  • 5: Number of boxes of emails [Washington Post]
  • PRICELESS: All of the above in the hands of Jon Stewart, Colbert and<INSERT_COMEDIAN_NAME_HERE>

Back in 2008 Mother Jones first requested in September 2008, for emails sent and received by Sarah Palin during her role as governor of Alaska in September 2011. The final online database will be available soon, but meanwhile, news agencies are working on placing them online.

Sarah Palin Emails Live Blogs

If you cant’ wait for the online database to be available, be sure to check out some or all of the following sites and links that are LIVE-BLOGGING this treasure of data / information!

You can also always check out the hashtag #palinemail on twitter too! Enjoy!

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