Overhyped and Unlaunched "Startup" GetHipster.com Now Offering Free Beer and 10,000 For Job Referrals

The over-hyped unlaunched startup that hasn’t revealed what it even does is looking to hire top tech talent. So desperate is GetHipsterthey don’t even own hipster.com (see below) so I don’t understand why they keep referring to themselves as ‘hipster’ – that they have turned their gethipster.com site from a previously running Q&A site to a job application page!

The San Francisco company is said to be looking for 3 to 4 local application software developers (commonly referred to as engineers) with experience in building Web software and mobile apps. Apparently posting the openings on traditional job sites didn’t lead to any promising applicants so GetHipster co-founder Doug Ludlow stepped his hipster game up by offering A year’s worth of PBR Beer and $10,000 in cold hard cash to anyone that helps fill their open position.

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Wanna Look Like a Broke-Ass Hipster? Apply At GetHipster.com Today!

According to a post on cnnmoney, Hipster is alleged to have received around 500 job applicants in the week since it posted the irreverent ‘hipster’-ish job ad. Ludlow claims that about 10% of the applicants are top-tier candidates. Many are even current employees at Facebook and Google.

GetHipster a “stealth mode” startup (won’t tell anyone what they are doing) is said to be working on a way to help users find hidden information and content about local real-world locations.

Considering that Doug Ludlow and his peeps got big venture capitalists like Google Ventures, Lightbank and 500 Startups to shell out money for a dumb landing page with a job posting ad, I think GetHipster has succeeded in adding to the 2nd tech bubble that we are now officially inside of.

Hipster.com - The original Hipster on the Internets.

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  1. lex says:

    Now if it was gluten-free beer they were offering, they might be on to something…

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