The Internet Has Turned Into A Crazy Girlfriend!

Today’s Tweet of the day is from @eperea

The Story Of How Twitter Got It’s Tax Break And Moved To Tenderloin – [VIDEO]

Earlier this week, we reported about twitter getting a tax break from the San Francisco board of Supervisors, so that they could stay in the City and continue their innovation and feed the cash strapped city. Today, Taiwan-based Media Animation [...]

AppCode – IDE For Developing, Debugging And Deploying iOS Apps Is Out!

Jetbrains, creators of nearly a dozen professional software productivity tools including ReSharper (for .NET Developers), RubyMine (Cutting-Edge Ruby on Rails IDE) released a pre-alpha version of it’s Objective-C Integrated Development [...]

Your iPhone May Be Taking Pictures Of You (And You Don’t Even Know It!)

Next time you walk around the house naked swinging your Yodongo thinking that you are all alone, think again. Some iPhone 4 users over at Apple’s forum are reporting that a bug in the iPhone 4‘s front facing camera is inadvertently [...]
tufts verizon stomp grant check women in tech photo pic

Verizon Foundation Tries To Encourage More Women In Engineering / Tech With a $60,000 Grant

According to the National Science Foundation, only 11.5 percent of all engineers in the U.S. are women, and business leaders say it is critical that more young women consider a career in engineering to help bridge the gap and foster growth and [...]
linkedin android app for mobile app store download pic

LinkedIn App For Android Now Available on Google Marketplace And At

LinkedIn’s Android app came out of beta and made it’s first appearance on the Android Marketplace today, bringing the business social network site’s content to mobile phone users around the world. With this release, the business [...]
vlix video sharing editing app iphone ipad pic

Vlix Video Editing And Sharing iPhone App Set To Hit The App Store Next Week

Vlix, a new video editing and sharing application for iPhone that combines mobile sharing features with state of the art video editing functionality, will soon be available on the app store, according to Liz Gannes’ report on allthingsD. Back [...]

Dancing Android Mascot Resurfaces In Malaysia, Breaks Moves To Taio Cruz’s Song “Higher” [VIDEO]

Remember that awesome dancing Android we spotted in Taiwan last month?  Guess what? It has made an appearance again! This time, at the Sony Ericsson Arc launch in Malaysia. Check it out in this video, breaking some sick moves to the beats [...]
ted ipad app screenshot

TED iPad App Now Supports Wireless Streaming To Apple TV.

TED released an updated version of it’s iPad app yesterday. Version 1.3 of the app now has the most-requested feature for the App – AirPlay support, so you can stream content from the app wirelessly over to an Apple TV. In addition [...]
steve jobs burning ipad photo

iPad 2 Shortage Has Spread To The Afterlife For Tomb Sweeping Day Ritualists

APPLE’S iPad 2 shortage has spread to the afterlife as Chinese families in Malaysia are rushing to buy paper replicas of the popular new gadget from apple, to burn for their dead as part of a centuries-old prayer ritual called the Qingming [...]
twitter new tax break office outside tenderloin sf map pic tendenob

Twitter Gets Payroll Tax Breaks, Promises To Move Just Outside The Tenderloin

San Francisco Board of Supervisors this afternoon gave preliminary approval to a payroll tax break for Twitter (8 votes for – 3 against) and other companies that relocate to the city’s depressed “Mid-Market” neighborhood [...]
president barack obama facebook townhall palo alto hq tickets rsvp photo pic

President Barack Obama To Host TownHall Meeting At Facebook HQ To Connect With Americans Across The Country

President Barack Obama is all set to host a virtual town hall meeting on April 20 (2011) from the Facebook HQ in Palo Alto. The event will be broadcast over Facebook Live, the White House blog announced earlier today. In the townhall, President [...]

Fring Ups The Ante With Its FREE Group Video Chat App For Iphone, Android Phones

Fring, The mobile VoIP Company is soon going to add an incredibly cool feature to it’s existing video chat app – group video calls. The soon to be released app will work on the iphones and Android phone, allowing up to 4 friends, family [...]
iphone android app wall pic photo

Feds Launch Criminal Investigation Into Mobile Apps And Their App Makers

Federal prosecutors in New Jersey are investigating whether numerous mobile apps on smartphone (iphone, ipad, blackberry, android phone) illegally obtained or transmitted information about their users without proper disclosures and permissions.. According [...]

American Airlines Celebrates It’s Android App Launch By Giving Away 1 Million AAdvantage Miles!

As part of it celebrating of it’s Android App launch, American Airlines has announced its Mobile Million Sweepstakes for Android. The grand prize is – as expected – Airline miles: 1 million American Airlines AAdvantage® miles [...]
peter yared techcrunch dead over venturebeat pic photo

Is TechCrunch Dead?

Less than 12 weeks after NYU visiting scholar of Journalism – Dave Winer – declared that Techcrunch was DEAD, Peter Yared, a serial tech-entrepreneur and contributing writer to VentureBeat reiterates that claim and even drops 5 facts [...]
steve jobs ipad

New Apple iPad 2 Video Ad “We Believe” Lays Emphasis On The User Experience

Apple just released a new iPad ad called “We Believe“, that emphasis what we have known all along …when technology gets out of the way, everything becomes more delightful, even more magical!
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