@jbarouch "..5 people lock themselves out of their house and tweet about it"

Today’s Tweet Of The Day is from Jonathan Barouch @jbarouch
british tyranny happy crown 250

What Is The Official Royal Wedding Twitter HashTag?

The Royal Wedding Buzz on twitter has given birth to the official Royal Wedding twitter hashtag. The hashtag came about as a result of the british monarchy requesting tweeps (twitter peeps) to send their messages of congratulations to the happy [...]
royal wedding live stream wedding book youtube photos pic

Royal Wedding Goes Social With Live Streaming, Live Blogging And An Online Wedding Book!

Who said Tyrants and Imperialists don’t get Technology? No Royal Wedding in history will be as social and as state-of-the-art as the one set to take place next Friday! The British royal family announced today that the entire wedding ceremony [...]

@rsingel: "Brides are database hogs."

Today’s Tweet Of The Day is from Ryan Singel @rsingel

Get Into The Social Loco Conference 2011 At Half The Price!

We have gotten our hands on a steep discount code for the Social Loco Conference 2011 that is set to take place here in San Francisco. A whooping 50% off. And here is the discount code.

@Scobleizer: "…getting 15,000 new users PER DAY with NO PRESS and NO MARKETING"

Today’s Tweet Of The Day is from Robert Scoble @Scobleizer
ipad 2 ugly font detected by peter rojas gdgt

@peterrojas: "Steve Jobs never intended the words "iPad 2" to be written in that font "

Today’s Tweet Of The Day is from Peter Rojas @peterrojas
google videos goodbye download to youtube pic

Google Set To Permanently Kill Hosted Videos On Google Videos This May

Barely two weeks after the Google co-founder officially took the CEO reins it looks like Larry Page is shaking things up inside Google in every department. The latest casualty? Hosted Videos. Google Video, a service that came alive in 2005 , [...]

@jack: “Florian was the first Twitter engineer”

Today’s Tweet Of The Day is from Jack Dorsey @jack
apple steve jobs money printing earnings photo pic

Apple Expected To Announce Blowout Earnings North Of $24 Billion!

In preparation for Apple Inc’s 2nd Quarter (Q2-2011) earnings announcement due on April 20th, top Wall Street Investment Bank J.P. Morgan has upped it’s projections for Apple’s earning through 2012, mainly due to the expected [...]

THE REAL MAYOR: “I’ve Officially Declared 4/16 @Foursquare Day”

Today’s Tweet Of The Day award goes to the REAL MAYOR of New York City – @MikeBloomberg, for tweeting I’ve officially declared 4/16 @Foursquare Day in NYC #4sqday http://bit.ly/i3ooUv @MikeBloomberg (Mike Bloomberg), 14 April [...]
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Want To Become A Professional Mobile App Developer? There Is Now A Degree For That!

The global market for mobile apps is expected to rise by another 81.5 percent this year (2011), reaching $3.9 billion in total sales, according to projections by screen digest, a leading media focussed research company . Even as the Android [...]
foursquare day official badge photo pic 200x200

Michael Bloomberg, The REAL MAYOR, Declares 4/16 As The Official FourSquare Day In New York City

IT’S OFFICIAL! Mayor Bloomberg has just now declared 4/16 (April 16th) as the Official FourSquare Day in The Big Apple (New York City). The Mayor visited the FourSquare office today to meet with Team 4SQ to talk about Startups in the City. Then [...]

Microsoft Targets Motion-Sensor App Developers With Updates To The Kinect SDK

At the MIX11 Conference today Microsoft unveiled a toolkit (SDK) for Kinect, that will allow developers to build motion-sensor applications that run on Windows and Kinect, and then gave everyone at the conference a free Kinect motion sensor. “Kinect [...]

@davemcclure: “I SUE U INTO STONE AGE!”

Today’s Tweet of the day is from @davemcclure

Get AppNation SF Tickets For Half The Price!

Looking for discounts for the AppNation 2011 Conference here in San Francisco? We got our hands on a whooping 50% off discount code for you. Here it is.
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Can You JailBreak Your iPhone Forever? CutYourSim Says It Can.

While Jobs and his band of Nerdy Fanboys are busying detecting and preventing jailbreaking and unlocking of the iPhone –  CutYourSim -a company claiming to be an Authorized reseller of NooSY Brand Micro Sim Cutters and Adapters – [...]
best ipad stand ever resting on cat

The BEST iPad Stand Ever!

… and it could be yours for FREE!
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