Google Launches Groupon clone. And No, Its Not Called "Goopon".

Nearly 4 months after Groupon walked away from an accquision by Google, the godfather of search built and successfully launched it’s own local daily deals site today starting with Portland, Oregon.

Called Google Offers, the service sends subscribers deeply discounted offers for local businesses in the Portland area. Google is also allowing users in several other cities — including San Francisco, New York City and Oakland to sign up to be notified when Google Offers is available in those cities.

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Google Offers - Live in Portland! Waiting List for San Francisco, New York City and Oakland.

Like all other Google services, Google Offers is also in beta mode right now. However, in an email statement, a Google spokesperson confirmed that Google Offers is now indeed official!

Today we launched a marketing campaign inviting Portlanders to sign up for a test of Google Offers — to get great deals delivered right to their inboxes. Offers is part of an ongoing effort at Google to make new services that give consumers great deals while helping connect businesses with customers in new ways.

Google Offers Official Video

Here is a video from Google explaining how Google Offers works.

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