Royal Wedding Fever Grips The Internet Across The World!

One look at Google Search insights is all you need, to realize how much the entire world is obsessed with the Royal Wedding of Prince Williams and Catherine Middleton. The search trends for “Royal Wedding” for the past 30 days is skyrocketing, and also reveals a few surprises, including massive searches in 2 countries that you would think didn’t really care for an event like this!

royal wedding fever grips the internet photos video chart

Top 10 Countries Searching For "Royal Wedding"(source: Google Insights)

United Arab Emirates? You would think in a region where having several wives is a way of life, and where the west is generally looked-upon with suspicious, that no one would really be interested. Two other surprises – Singapore and the Phillipines (was at 11th place when I ran the search, but moved up to 10 to replace Netherlands).

Royal Wedding Popular Search Terms

The Top 5 Search Phrases are

  1. the royal wedding,
  2. royal wedding date
  3. royal wedding 2011
  4. royal wedding holiday
  5. royal wedding kate

while the Top 5 Rising Search Phrases are

  1. bank holiday
  2. royal wedding 2011
  3. royal wedding date
  4. william and kate
  5. royal wedding april

bank holiday” at position #1 is no surprise, because we all know how much the Brits love to hit the pubs and eat curry, and what better excuse than the Royal Wedding Bank Holiday?

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