Fring Ups The Ante With Its FREE Group Video Chat App For Iphone, Android Phones

Fring, The mobile VoIP Company is soon going to add an incredibly cool feature to it’s existing video chat app – group video calls.

The soon to be released app will work on the iphones and Android phone, allowing up to 4 friends, family members or business associates to participate in a video call!

The best part is that the app is FREE! Fring is now accepting beta testers for this new group video chat feature on it’s blog.

Beta Tester Caveat? Not only do you have to list your phone’s Unique ID (UDID / IMEI), you have to get 3 more of your friends to give you their phone’s UDID / IMEI, in order to sign up for the beta. I guess it is justified in that the group video chat allows up to 4 people to video chat, still, making those fields mandatory on the beta tester form is just too cumbersome and impractical for wanna be beta testers. #JustSayin‘.

Group Video Chat App (beta testers wanted!)

Fring isn’t alone in offering group video chats in mobile apps. OoVoo, the other company that offers high quality video chat and video conferenceing, already has a sophisticated group video chat app with onscreen controls, and allows you to add upto 6 participants on a single video call. Moreover, the OoVoo desktop app also connects VoIP callers to the desktop application and the mobile app whereas Fring is right now limited to iphones (iOS) and Android platforms.

Still, we are very excited about this new feature from Fring. So if you have 3 other friends who are willing to give you their phone device information and want to signup for the beta, head over here!

And do let us know what you think of it, either in the comments or via email to hello @

Don’t forget to checkout the demo of this new group video chat app! Very neat!

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